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062. map development 1

During my first visit to Buenos Aires in March 2000, I was like every newbie in town. I wanted to see where Eva Perón was buried… assured that seeing her tomb would spark some kind of epiphany. The only problem was that there was no map to guide me. I could have asked anyone, but I challenged myself to find Evita on my own. It took me FOUR visits to the cemetery until I finally stumbled upon the site. At least I got a good overview of the cemetery even it failed to come with an epiphany.

After moving to Buenos Aires at the end of 2000, I rarely visited the cemetery. I didn’t know what to make of it nor did I really understand why it’s so important. In July 2003 I noticed a map had finally been posted at the entrance gate. Hand-drawn with 85 spots to visit, it was hardly impressive or practical. But it was better than nothing:

July 2003 map, Recoleta Cemetery

July 2003 map, Recoleta Cemetery

I was beginning to realize that something had to be done…

Read the complete story: Part two, three, four, five, six & seven. The PDF guidebook is now available.

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  1. Ellen Lemson

    How can I print a walking tour map? Thanks, Ellen

  2. Hi Ellen – That’s one of the projects I’m working on. I should have one available online in a couple months. There used to be a printed copy I would mail, but that turned out to be too complicated. Thanks!

  3. Xeniya Vins

    I am starting my history project on the Recoleta Cemetery, particularly, its architecture. I was wondering if you know of any books or sites that list architects that have been involved in designing the mausoleums for Recoleta.

    Thank you!

  4. Hi Xeniya – Thanks for the comment… unfortunately there is nothing that lists architects involved in the history of Recoleta Cemetery. It would be an interesting project/book. Please keep me informed of your progress. Good luck!

  5. Dolores

    Hola Robert!. He ido al Cementerio de Recoleta porque soy una apasionada de la Historia y sus historias y no me sentí satisfecha con las visitas guiadas, ni encontré material que me guiara adentro. Quise bajar tu guía en PDF pero no figura disponible en ningún lado. Soy de Córdoba, mañana voy a andar por allá y me gustaría llevar algo (ni hablar si existieran posibilidades de una visita guiada). De dónde la puedo bajar??

  6. Hola Dolores – Gracias por el comentario… hace un par de meses actualicé la página donde vendo la guía y no puse el nuevo link acá!! Me dije en voz alta: Cómo puedo ser tan pelotudo? :-) Hacé click arriba, donde dice “Recoleta Cemetery guides” y te lleva al site. Igual, te comento que no está disponible en castellano… es otro proyecto que queda pendiente. Saludos!

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