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Category: Vistas

462. rare reflection

Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires, Larco, reflection

It’s rare to get an unobstructed pane of glass large enough to reflect the entire tomb just opposite. More about Larco in the near future…


450. silvestre zamboni

Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires, Silvestre Zamboni

Although this post was meant to showcase only the spectacular stained glass window, the following comment by Ricardo Martine Tanoira deserves to be translated & placed here:

My great-grandfather, Carlos Zamboni, was the son of Silvestre Zamboni, founder of an ironworks in Buenos Aires [that bore his last name]. Carlos arrived in Argentina at the age of 12. Silvestre, his father, and his older brother moved to Argentina one year before. Carlos married Josefina Ciarlo, & they had 10 children together. Their youngest daughter, Josefina, was my grandmother. Silvestre Zamboni passed away in Buenos Aires & is buried in this Recoleta vault. The stained glass above can be found inside & belongs to my family, descendants of Sylvestre Zamboni.