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Why blog about a cemetery? This particular one doesn’t receive nearly enough press, & the lack of accurate information in English is shocking. Visitors to Buenos Aires usually go inside, stroll around for a few minutes, find their way to Eva Perón’s family vault, then wander out. That’s not enough.

Even if ostentation is a turn-off, most of the movers & shakers in Argentine history are here along with their fascinating stories. Everyone should be able to identify with something in such a fantastic place. And with a little extra info, it’s easy to cover most of Buenos Aires just by walking these passageways. Hopefully, this blog will present a new manner of looking at Buenos Aires… a way to see the present city through its intriguing, immortalized past.


Raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Robert Wright moved to Seattle where he almost eliminated a heavy, southern accent. Almost. He worked as a toxicologist thanks to studying biochem, did time at a Korean shipping company after obtaining a Master’s degree in China Studies, & later ditched everything to move to Spain. It turned out to be one of the best decisions he ever made.

Robert spent 14 years as a tour guide-guidebook researcher/writer for Rick Steves in Europe while living in Argentina. His own walking tours of BA—including one of Recoleta Cemetery—were a big success, inspiring Robert to self-publish those routes & share an insider’s look of his adopted home. His current venture, Endless Mile, offers a guided walk of Recoleta Cemetery in PDF format.

Robert Wright

Marcelo Metayer is a photographer, journalist & writer. He was born in Buenos Aires in 1969 & has lived in many places in Argentina, going between the mountains of Córdoba & the Atlantic coast.

His fascination with cemeteries began a long time ago because he considers them to be “true open-air museums of architecture, sculpture & aesthetic movements.”

Some examples of his photography can be seen in Fotoscura on Facebook & Años de peregrinaje.

Marcelo Metayer

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